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Beautiful country full of intelligent and progressive people. It's not that Americans are so dumb that they don't know about the rest of the world. Put bluntly, they don't generally care because they've not really HAD to care until now. This is what happens when your own country is able to provide you with virtually everything you need and when it is perceived as a global superpower. It's common to not care about what's in someone else's house when you are so happy with what's in your own! Americans tend not to know a great deal about...oh...say...Europe because it is highly irrelevant to everyday American life. However, America is highly relevant to the everyday life of the average person in just about every other country known to man. For all the jealous whiners: don't hate America because it's beautiful!
Q:"If you had to choose, where would you most like to live?"
by BamaBrasiliera October 18, 2010
Collection of tiny nations STILL obsessed with and feeling insecurity toward America. Still whining because it is largely irrelevant to America. China, on the other hand, is on the list of countries to invite over for dinner.
Europe can go to sleep knowing that America does not care as much about you as you care about it!
by BamaBrasiliera October 18, 2010
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