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To be a poo painter, u need daring wit and creativity. firstly shit in your hand this will act as the paint, secondly find a brush, this will be your index finger. Then apply some paint, find a bare wall, or tiled surface to start painting, make sure that you sign your masterpiece, then invite a friend/family to view it.
Ernest invited Claire into the bathroom, to view his latest piece, little did Claire know that Ernest had Poo painter her parents bathroom.
by Bam West & Som Matton July 22, 2008
A very/slightly unattarctive member of the opposite sex. That ugly that its really nasty to see. You just want to place your hand abover their head and shout GOMPER!
Someone who was born unlucky ugly and turned out to be a Gomper e.g. "Bloody hell, She's a right gomper"
by Bam West & Som Matton July 22, 2008
a term used by gangstas for a ipod, they think the word ipod is too "gentle".
Jermaine: "look what tunes im listening to on my new Icepod"
Jeremy: "thats fucking class man, BRAP"
by Bam West & Som Matton September 13, 2008
Craigywoo is a simple phrase which can be used out of context and can be said at anytime. But works at its best when within 2-5 metres from a lubrication poster.
Sam: Its that time again...
Josh: Lubrication..
Jonty: Craigywoo
by Bam West & Som Matton March 23, 2009
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