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When a girl has big breasts ans she doesn´t wear a bra, you can see bouncing puppies when she walks or even runs.
Dude, did ya see that bouncing puppies caged in that shirt....
#big breast #norks #milkbags #titts #jugs
by Bam Chigga Wawa July 01, 2008
When you can see the blood vessels shine through the skin of a girls breasts you have "skinned pigs". Usually pale-skinned or redheaded girls are more likely to have them, especially when she has big breasts and the skin is stretched.
Dude: Man, I like those boobs...
Bra: Naa... they look like skinned pigs!
#big breast #norks #milkbags #titts #jugs
by Bam Chigga Wawa July 01, 2008
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