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The tremendous feeling of pleasure and release one gets after sitting on a hard surface for a long time, especially after long and boring lectures.
Dude1 : Oh man, I had the best butt orgasm ever after that dumb Math class.
Dude2 : Totally, dude. Mine lasted about a minute!
by Balu G May 06, 2007
To think about a song in your mind, so that its like its being played in your head. Too much of this, and the song keeps playing in your head, which is not cool.
Dude1 : Oh man, listened to the new single from (generic artist)?
Dude 2 : Yeah... I've been thinksinging it all week.
by Balu G May 21, 2007
A small town in Karnataka, India. Has a university where rich parents send their spoilt kids to, so that they can booze, smoke weed and get laid, and maybe get a degree in the process. A bloody hot place to be in, esp. from March to August.
Manipal's the easiest place to get a professional degree from, in India.
by Balu G April 08, 2007

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