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An absolutely flawless individual that possesses nearly super-human intelligence, almost ridiculous good looks, an incredibly knack for athletic events, and unrivaled talent in everything they do. Also, someone that everyone else wishes they could be like.
Hot girl #1: "Whoa, look at that Collin! I'm going to go try to get with him!"
Hot girl #2: "No way, I saw him first!"
by baltimoron March 10, 2008
A saying that is necessarily immediately followed by the term "wat."
Lawrence: "dog lab."
Me: "wat?"
by Baltimoron September 21, 2008
Macaroni and Cheese that is being eaten by a douchebag. Also part of a common saying (refer to 2nd example below) that implies that the person being spoken to is acting like a douchebag.
1. Look at that douchebag eating his doucheroni.
2. Stop eating so much doucheroni!
by baltimoron March 10, 2008
Balls on the shoulder is a term for when one male party literally places his pubicle sack on a second male party's shoulder (either shoulder is acceptable). The act can be done either as a derogatory act intended to aggravate a homophobic individual, or can be done in the act of making love to create deep romantic affection.
Nate: "Hey Andrew, can I give you some Balls on the Shoulder action tonight?"
Andrew: "Yes, Nate, that would consummate our love for each other."
by baltimoron April 14, 2010
(verb) To doglab means to sneakily and stealthily gain access to another's webct account and post on the academic message board with the title "doglab" and the post "wat". Numerous different methods abound, but this is the most common.
Dude, did you see how bad I just pwned shengran? He just got doglabbed like a damn noob!
by baltimoron December 05, 2008
Ultrabrocore (adjective) is a word used to describe something that is beyond the normal extremes of "hardcore".
Henry: "Dude, you already did chin-ups, crazy 8s, 3-way shoulder fly, skullcrushers, preacher curls, and now you're going to do your signature tricep blow-out exercise? Man, this is beyond hardcore!"
Collin: "That's right, I'm ultrabrocore."
by Baltimoron July 05, 2008
Emo combined with orly to provide a (semi) sarcastic version of orly.
"Great jumping jelly beans!" exclaimed Frierich, "I fancy, I've eaten an entire carrot!"
"emorly?" replied Abderahman.
by baltimoron March 10, 2008
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