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An extremely large penis. Having a penis the size of a donkey's.
Damn bro.....not that I was looking, but you got a donkey cock. or

I gave this whore my donkey cock the other night and she almost went into convulsions it was so huge.
by Baloon Knot Bill July 12, 2009
An unusually thick penis.
I got that bitch drunk last night and gave her my fuck log in the back seat of my car.
by Baloon Knot Bill December 16, 2006
The act of performing anal sex.

Also defined as a male rubbing his package against the ass of another male in crowded places for his own sexual gratification.
I met this girl at the bar last night and gave her a cheese dog in the back room. What a whore!

Fuck...I think that guy just gave me a cheese dog while I was standing at the bar!
by Baloon Knot Bill December 16, 2006
Fecal matter remaining on the penis afer anal sex.
I was fucking my secretary in the ass and noticed my cock was covered in bean dip.
by Baloon Knot Bill December 16, 2006

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