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A chick who will never, ever say no to the sexual advances of any guy, even the most disgusting loser. She is typically ugly, overweight, poorly dressed, and an insecure lush who has been with hundreds of sexual partners. She can be found drunk in college bars like the Beacon Hill Pub in Boston and will hook up with the first schlep that tries to take her home.
Hey look, there's Sally-Ann Hagarty sitting at the bar talking to that vile-smelling homeless guy. She's such a dumpster twat.
by Ballz Dee December 15, 2008
When one of your co-workers at your firm takes the communal Boston Globe newspaper from the firm's library with him to the mens room, then proceeds to take a massive, stench-ridden, vomit-inducing dump, and exits the stall with the Globe under his arm and fails to wash his poo-ridden hands.
Dude, do not touch the Globe in the library today. Sid fecal fingered it. He read it while shitting and then never washed his hands after wiping his massive ass.
by Ballz Dee February 05, 2009

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