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Untouchable Family of Nesians

Used by East Side Islanders in the Pacific

It is more popular in Brisbane and Toowoomba.
All UFN members are crips
by Bally July 23, 2006
Straight Up Islanders
Gang in East Side Sydney but used by all Islanders in Australia that live on the East Side.
Pacific Ballar Crips are also known by SUI.
Those Pacific Ballar Crips are SUI's!
by Bally June 23, 2006
Meaning Police
Originated from New York
Mr Cahill, you like a God to me.
Like a god. Son I am God. God, Allah, Buddha all rolled up into one big Nigga.

Motherfucker got more shit on me, put me away for 20 or 30 years. That's why I gotta pay them so much money.
by Bally June 23, 2006

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