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The act of pushing someone backwards where the person being pushed stays in the same position he was in when you pushed him from the push to when he lands.
Bob was making me mad, but i don't want to hurt him so im going to boing push him far away from me.
by Balltickler January 07, 2011
A sport where very wealthy people, that often live in India, China, Turkey, and caves in England, take all their money out of the bank in only fives and twenties. They then find a spot out side or in a basement of a family of six, place there fives and twenties on the ground and sleep on top of the money. At 5:26 am they wake up and go find a hott girl from ages 14 through 24 or a male at the age of 45, jump on his or her back, and fucks the person untill 7:26 am, then runs back to their money pile, and goes to sleep at 7:30 am.
Oh my god Ashley! I was walking to Daniels house last night when this very attractive Homless Rich Booty Jumper mounted me. It was a blast. Literally.
by Balltickler January 07, 2011
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