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Coined by the now famous comedian "Larry the Cable Guy". It has traditionally been associated with such social stratum as "redneck" or "hillbilly", but as since gained a much wider usage base. It can be, and is most often used, to answer just about any question. Replace with words and phrases such as: yes, no, sure, why not, sorry, wednesday does not work for me, I said no mayo but thats fine......and so on.

It can be also used as an expression of joy or approval.
Question: "Hey, the party is open-bar?"
Answer: "Yeah it is...git r' dun"

Question: "You got an A on your Psychology test?"
Answer: "Git r' dun"

Question: "Is it okay if I go hook up with you cousin?"
Answer: "Git r' dun"

Or, as a showing of approval:

"Hey man.....Ford finally put the 5.4L V8 in the Mustang!"
"giiiit r' dun!"

"I just hooked up with my cousin"
"git r' dun"
by Balls Mallory September 30, 2005

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