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9 definitions by Baller

she is the fukin hottest chiq you'll ever meet, completely beautiful
she is teen royalty, waitin for the day until she's all mine
by baller April 02, 2005
252 86
Something that really, totally and extremly sucks. Often used in conjunction with teh. Also: su><0r
"That is teh sux0r!!!"
by Baller November 29, 2002
24 12
Something that allows people to pay money to look at advertisements for products they'll never buy while calling each other 'asshats.'
by Baller July 07, 2003
8 7
Steve Bowers
self explanitory
by baller April 04, 2003
6 8
A variation of w00t.
"I just beat Phazon in Metroid! w00ty mcw00t w00t!
by Baller November 29, 2002
2 5
"fat upper pussy" that unsightly unidentifyable gigantic second camel toe on fat women
dude that fup is disgusting
by baller October 27, 2003
16 25
an abnormally long crotch hair
dude, did you see that sick ass chode on the toilet seat?
by baller October 27, 2003
1 26