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The word " Glash " is the act of a Prelash, however only involving the female sex thus "G-lash" stands for Girl lash. Glash is a play on the words in order to make the male sex know where there not wanted. It involves shots, cocktails, crazy reggaeton music, a camera(preferably one with good focuss) and the occasional strongbow black. Glash's arent the most memorable nights so the pictures that come from it jog the memory. Glash's are joyous,drunken occasions where the males have no say.
-"Glash at yours?"
-" Before the party lets have a Masssive Glash?"
- "Glash it up girls"
Boy- can i come ?
Girl - No its a glash. Scrape out and pipe down.
by Ballefezghis2010 June 21, 2010

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