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6 definitions by Ballard!!!

An Insult given to someone who has had sexual intercourse with a retard.
1: Whats 2 doing now?
3: He's having sex with a flid.
1: Really!?!
3: Yes, he's a real Flidfuck
by Ballard!!! June 28, 2005
Elabaration on the word Humungous. Poo-mungous is used to describe an extremely large excretement of faeces. Usually used to describe faeces that will:
A) Not Flush away
B) Leave Skid marks on the toilet insides.
C) Stink the whole toilet / dwelling / Street out completely.
A)" Andy, I need some sort of excretion-removal device because this poo-mungous shite is not gonna fit through that measly hole in the toilet
B)" Andy, Get me a Cloth because the skid marks left in the toilet by my poo-mungous shit are about an inch thick, the toilet brush isn't gonna get rid of them!!
C)" Andy, Dont go in there for a couple of hours, i just laid a poo-mungous brick and the stench is overwhelming!!!
by Ballard!!! August 21, 2005
A man with a bum for a face, that is also small, and hairy.
" i had to sit next to a bumtroll on the bus"
by Ballard!!! June 28, 2005
One who recieves intercourse through the back passage
"Alan is a bum chum"
by Ballard!!! June 28, 2005
An insult used on someone who has stolen something.
1: Hey! Where did my face go?
2: I dunno.
3: 2 has got it.
2: No i Haven't
3: Yes, you have, you stealing arab!
by Ballard!!! June 28, 2005
An insult given to someone who is stupid, but no neccesarily an asian
1: Whats that over there?
2: Is it a bird?
3: No, its a train, you stupid asian!!
by Ballard!!! June 28, 2005