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Spanish for a womans "pussy" also used as an insult twords skinny white or black children.
Tienes grande penocha, puto!
(you have a large pussy, man whore!)
by ballabrad March 24, 2005
A bum nigger from detroit or new york that has been in that shit hole for so long it looks as if they rose from a grave.
Ight bro, somebody betta get that grave nigger a job befo he gets knocked the fuck out.
by Ballabrad March 05, 2005
Slag word for the marijuana we have all puffed and passed in middle school, high school, ect.
Last night I snuck some grass into my schools bathroom and toked it up with my hot gym teacher.
by Ballabrad March 05, 2005
God, not only am I a racist, I'm an idiot. How dare put New York in the same category as Detroit?
What was I thinking? Oh well, better go hang myself as to put some chlorine tablets in the gene pool.
by Ballabrad April 07, 2005
1.)Another word for a womans piece of fine ass.
2.)The Junk In The Trunk
Damn my nigga, jenna caboose keep gettin bigger and nicer every day!
by Ballabrad March 05, 2005

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