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Though some may say that rochester is a "cow town" it is home to the most gansta mother fuckers this side of the bridge. Located in south eastern mass it is next to the shitty towns of marion and mattapoisett. Clearly the best of the tri-town experience is in rochester. Known for its baseball and wiffleball, you best not mess with rochester. Although you may see pickup with guns and such in the back, trust me, they are not just for hunting. Rochester has a long standing rivalry with Marion, cuz they are gay and love themselves, and Mattapooisett because they house "thugs" such as the not so infamous A-O for Ya-O and The Fresh CR3W. This people are defined as "Shit Heads" or "Cunt Rags", They make up the scum of the tri-town and make everyone wicked angry. The kids from Rochester, however are "balla"
Balla: rochester is the tits
Kid: true dat nigga
by Balla's November 20, 2006

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