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Something that might get you into trouble if uttered aloud.
You know what I just thought? Oh, wait, nevermind... (innocent face)
by Balfdor December 23, 2006
Curling one's lips into a frown and proceeding to cry.
When girls pout...
She went into the bathroom to pout again.
Aww, we should talk to her.

When boys pout...
He went into the bathroom to pout again.
That pussy! Let's go make fun of him.
by Balfdor December 12, 2006
Kellogg's brand of waffles, very popular among average Americans, especially in college dorms.
Can we have pancakes for breakfast?
No, but there's Eggos!
by Balfdor December 23, 2006
An extremity uttered in desperation when a man is having his chest hair waxed.
From The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Andy: having chest hair waxed YOOOOWW! NIPPLE FUCK! KELLY CLARKSON!
by Balfdor January 02, 2007
The ultimate superhero, one that manipulates his enemies' fear and uses stealth and intimidation and intellect to succeed, and does not need butthole Superman powers to survive.
A few reasons why Batman is better than Superman:

- Does not need dorky glasses to conceal his identity
- Does not need to struggle with women (i.e. Lois Lane) to gain their affections
- Heir to a powerful conglomerate
- Raised in a mediocre city called Gotham and not by corny farm folk in Smallville
by Balfdor July 08, 2006
To stop the progress of a person or thing.
Halt, who goes there?
by Balfdor December 02, 2006
A person that is on the edge of sanity, usually from sleep deprivation, drug abuse, lack of exercise, or a general sense of social anxiety. This is normally a person you are always cautious about when bringing around industrious, socially pleasant, "normal" people.
Symptoms of being fringe include: (a) bringing up vague and confusing topics of conversation at any given time, such as the Tao Te Ching or John Lennon; (b) rapid mood swings, more commonly aggression or despair; (c) telling pointless jokes and laughing for an extensive period of time, and then crying afterward.
by Balfdor August 16, 2006

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