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2 definitions by Bald Wiener

A Much Music (MTV of Canada) VJ
A girl many guys would love to be with
A talented and spontaneous girl\

Dude # 1:Did you see Much On Demand today?
Dude # 2: Oh ya!!! Leah Miller aroused me again!
by Bald Wiener November 24, 2006
-Where men seeking adventure and hardcore challenge go to.
-The most popular branch in the military.
-A group of often arrogant, cocky, and tough mother*******s.
-An occupation where you can apply to if you want to be bossed around, hazed, and be a fowl mouth.
-Trained to operate in both land and water.
-Requires intelligence like any other military occupations. Anyone saying the opposite of this is dumb and should realize it takes some brains (and courage) to survive in a hostile environment.
-Their motto is: Semper Fi (or Semper Fidelis, meaning first to fight)
Guys who get in the Marine Corps often brag about how tough they are and constantly belittle the Army.
by Bald Wiener March 15, 2007