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The act of penetrating a female anally while she penetrates herself vaginally with a sexual toy and moans like a split whore. IMPORTANT: do not forget to jizz on face.
"If only the guy she's dating now knew about all the times I Debbiesiued her, he'd never go near that snatch ever again."
by Bald Fu November 21, 2007
those singular hairs that blaze a lonely trail down a male back, discovering as yet unhaired real estate, slowly attracting other hairs to follow it into unhaired territory.
"Every day I wake up and look in the mirror, and more and more pioneers are showing up on my back. Now, they're showing up gray!"
by Bald Fu November 21, 2007
to quadruple the amount of gay present in any given situation.
"When you put Coldplay on the stereo, you totally gaydrupled this scene."
by Bald Fu November 21, 2007
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