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Location: Cooranbong is a town situated in the Lake Macqaurie Region of New South Wales.
Origin of Name: The name Cooranbong was given to the area by Australian Aboriginies, who used it as a battleground, and literally means "bloody hole". This name was chosen not because of the blood spilled on it's soil, but rather because the victors of the battles would soon realise that there was nothing to do in Cooranbong and would often leave muttering, "bloody hole".
Demographics: The township of Cooranbong, which was first established by Lieutenant Percy Simpson in 1826, is now made up of retirees (20%), Seventh Day Adventists(25%), FOBS (15%), and bogans/assorted riff raff (40%). Cooranbong's youth tend to either move out of Cooranbong as fast as they can or deny that they live there.
Industry: Those who live in Cooranbong either claim government assistance or work at the Sanitarium Health Food Company, which produces Cooranbongs major export, weet-bix.
Tourist Attractions: A major attraction in Cooranbong is the nightlife, which ranges from getting drunk in Cooranbong park to getting stoned in Cooranbong park.
Future outlook: With the youth moving out of Cooranbong at an everincreasing rate and the influx of retirees and bogans, Cooranbong will soon become shunned by the rest of the world. Even the Apocaplyse will side step Cooranbong.
Example 1.
Bogan: Hey champ, you know where I can get stoned, pissed and get into a fight?

Champ: Sounds like you should head to Cooranbong!

Example 2. At a party...
Young Woman: So where are you from?

Young Man: Ahhh Central Coast...yeah Central Coast.

Young Woman: Oh really same, where abouts?

Young Man (in a hesitant voice): Ummm Cooranbong.

Young Woman:(long silence) Oh..oh...well nice talking to you anyway.
by Bald Brett2 February 06, 2007

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