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The state achieved when someone is anxious to find out what happens next in an ongoing manga, TV show, comic, etc., especially when he or she has been waiting for a while.
I just finished volume 14 of Bleach, but I don't have enough money for 15! Talk about a cliffhangover!
by Balak July 11, 2008
We Don't Need No Stinking Plot-An extremely PWP fanfic.
Man, that's a really good WDNNSP fic, I had to take a cold shower after reading it!
by Balak December 27, 2006
A fan of one of the many versions (usually the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical) of Phantom Of The Opera.
One phan got mad at the jock for calling the musical wimpy and strangled him.
by Balak March 18, 2005

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