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A city in inland California, where kids bitch constantly about how boring it is, where in reality its actually kinda fun, there is plenty of beer and Nice places to chill besides the Valley Plaza, although there isn't much to do for free there is a river that runs through the town that people go to in the summertime and there are concerts almost every day somewhere and contrary to popular belief they don't all take place at that dump Jerry's Pizza. There are amphitheater's at CSUB the city's state university and in the southwest part of town sponsored by Brighthouse Networks, a local cable company.

also there is Rabobank arena where there are concerts of somekind almost monthly. when the circus or the fair aren't in town you can always just do what everyone else at any other town does you can hit up the strip clubs and the hooka lounges or bars like B Ryders or The Elixir. Or go to parties that happen almost daily in any given part of town including the East side, the truth is you can make friends with just about anyone as long as you don't say anything insulting and bring your own beer.

Bakersfield was rated the 10th drunkest city in america, more drunk per capita than las vegas. there is also an abundance of marijuana (and if you go into oildaile, meth) but in reality there is plenty to do if your not up your own ass.
Stupid asshole: Man Bakersfield Is fucking lame!!!! this place sucks ass why am I stuck here and there's nothing to do!!!

Not asshole: Get your head out your ass, make friends, and Party or smoke some of the weed that's growing in the front yard, or go to college and make something of yourself you can do all that here you little prick
by BakoIsDope August 30, 2011
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