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3 definitions by Bailz of Hay

A meaningless answer to a question or comment you may dissagree with, or may be said in the middle of (ex. moment of silence for a dead pet of your friend's mother's siter's brother's cousin)

this word also happens to be my favorite word
"Betty! We are not going to the mall!"

by Bailz of Hay December 03, 2004
A lot like "shmea", but it is a bit like a "shmea-ish mutt"

So i would call my dog (who is a mutt) a shmut, because it's a cooler word

or it could be like slut. so call someone you think is a slut a shmut, and they will have no idea what the hell you are talking about
"whoa, look at that girl over there....she's such a SHMUT"
by Bailz of Hay December 09, 2004
A replacement word for "hippo"
or when you are very mad

it DOES not mean "fuck you"
"Sally, I lost your credit card!..."

by Bailz of Hay December 06, 2004