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400 hp Pontiac musclecar. The last GTO was a fantastic car, but sales were dismal. Three factors are usually sited for poor sales. (1) It's from Australia, not the USA. I think that would be a stupid reason not to buy the car, but, many people are stupid! (2) Looks. It looked good enough to me, but, many complained that it didn't resemble any previous GTOs. (3) Cost. Maybe there should have been a less expensive Tempest V6 (the old GTO was based on the Tempest/LeMans), a 300 hp GTO, and a 400 horse GTO JUDGE (historical name for extra potent GTO).
In street lingo, the Pontiac GTO is known as "GOAT", and a GTO owner, a "Goater".
by Bahn, Otto Bahn December 01, 2006
(1) A plugged up toilet (John) full of shit (Revolta).

(2) A prostitute's customer (John) who is really gross (Revolta).

(3) Nickname for John Travolta.
(1) I went into the gas station restroom only to find a John Revolta. I shat, and got gas, elsewhere.
by Bahn, Otto Bahn January 12, 2007
A car produced by Ford Motor Company in the 1970's and early 80's.
The Pinto 4 cylinder was a horribly SLOW car, especially with an automatic. My Grandma had one with a vinyl top and a trunk. I hated it! But, I had a Ford Pinto 6 cylinder hardtop with a hatchback. It was AWESOME!
by Bahn, Otto Bahn January 10, 2007
A midengine sportscar currently made by MG.
MG is returning to the USA market. In fact, the MG TF Coupe is going to be made in Oklahoma in 2007.
by Bahn, Otto Bahn November 21, 2006
A car with two long front doors, and two short back doors, with no pillar in between. These cars have 4-door usefulness with 2-door looks.
The Mazda RX8 and the Saturn ION RedLine are two excellent examples of the quad coupe concept.
by Bahn, Otto Bahn December 10, 2006
Derived from "Sting Ray" (aka "Stingray") ie, a "Corvette" or "Vette", therefore "Stinger" means "Corvette owner" (aka "Vetter").
Jeff is a "Stanger", but Joe is a "Stinger". Joe is "Vetter" than Jeff!
by Bahn, Otto Bahn November 21, 2006
A 'vette (Corvette) owner.
Face Man is a vetter.
by Bahn, Otto Bahn December 07, 2006

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