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Is the act of shitting in the mouth of a catfish then putting it in a womans vagina and forcing it in tail first and fucking the mouth of the fish while putting your fingers in her ass.
Chelsea: Hey, we should do the Louisianna Fish Hooker while we're visiting your family.

Dan: Yea! Definitley! I'll go find a catfish!

Dans Dad: You mind if I help?
by Bahbahblackbitch May 05, 2009
When you do doggy style with the girl's arms folded and laying on them. As you both get close to finishing, she starts to orgasm so you pull out and put it in her ass and come as you finger her and play with her clit.
James: Dude i gave my girl and backdoor delivery last night.

Kevin: Sweet dude. I got raped by Brian Peppers. I cried alot
by BahBahBlackBitch June 02, 2009
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