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A sick cunt, in ways related to a doloto. Good looking guy, likes to make out with men.
"You are such a ewan, dude"
by BAH! February 07, 2005
A soft brown cat, formerly known as Mushroom, that makes you go...
"AW!!! Look at MUSHHH!!!"


"OH NO! Mush has a rash on his HEAD!"
by BAH! February 06, 2004
Although extinct like the Dodo bird, the French had to be victorious, else the country of France would not exist.

Modern history simply shows the aging madame is in fact aging... Not a pot to piss in, or anyone to blame, except the world.
The French Victories over England allowed them to continue existing as France. Blame the offspring of King Henry V.
by Bah! May 03, 2004

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