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Agreeing to an event or function well in advance and leaving it until the last minute to cancel, subsequently fucking up your friends plans. Usually sent via non verbal means and comprising of multiple but equally pathetic excuses
Mike: Think I'm going to have to give tonight a miss mate. I'm shattered and I don't think I can really afford another night out this week as I'm meant to be putting a deposit down on a house next week. Could maybe do the pub at the weekend though.

Adam: Classic Bail-den.
by Baghead November 22, 2012
n. Extremely skinny jeans. Look good, hurt bad.
Me:"Wore em' once, but they're seriously a pair o' Nut Riders!"
by BAGHEAD December 29, 2008
n.The extremely large sewers of more populated cities, such as Vegas, or LA. Massive teen gatherings and a whole lotta graffiti.
Freind:"Hey! How was the Funderground last night?"
Other Dude:"Haha! A ople bands were echoein' the place."
by BAGHEAD January 02, 2009
n. A condition caused by a cigarette smoked for to long that eventually fuses to your lips causing you to remove it and rip your lips.
My Cousin:"I fell asleep with a lit smoke, I still got Riplip!"
by BAGHEAD December 30, 2008

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