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1.) Any German warship built between the mid 1920s and late 1930s.

2.) A reference to an extremely squat yet powerfully stacked individual. A short fat person or someone who is wider than they are tall. Can also be an individual who works out excessively so they look too built for their size.
Webbo: Fuck me, did you see that bird walk past then - she was a fridge!
Baggers: yeah, she was a proper pocket battleship.
by Baggers80 August 23, 2010
1.) a white dimpled ball used in the gentlemans game of Golf placed in an empty plastic bag used for carrying food to ones car from the supermarket.

2.) a womans norks that are very droopy and unattractive. Can be the result of a unit losing a lot of weight or just generally nasty swingers.
Baggers: How'd you get on with that bird last night webbo? Get any change out of her?

Weboo: Nah, I packed up my balls and left after she took her top off.

Baggers: Rancid cans?

Webbo: Yeah, golf balls in carrier bags mate.
by Baggers80 September 02, 2010
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