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A term coined by Raf Fagsmith, the legendary 18th century explorer, used to describe the coats of grizzly bears he encountered while pioneering the Westcoast of what is now U.S.A. The term combines words from two different cultures; the now archaic European insult "Jew Bear", and the Native American legend Jubhair
"Jobhair... Finest fur this side of the atlantic"
-- Richard Nixon
by Baggage Rash June 07, 2004
Legendary Tribesman of the Apache clan, an American Plains Indian.

It was rumoured that he had the ability to speak with grizzly bears, and he wore the fur of a grizzly bear he killed at the age of 7, protecting his sister, Hairjub.
"I have fought many men, but no one has fought with the courage of Jubhair"
by Baggage Rash June 07, 2004

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