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When you arrive late to an event due to preparing your swag.
Person A: "Where's DK already? The party started 30 minutes ago."

Person B: "Oh he's arriving swagginably late. Don't worry he'll be here."
by Bag Em' and Swag Em' June 03, 2011
When you hook up with multiple girls in one night (not necessarily at the same time but can be at the same time), thus making them gain swag and making you an epic pimp.
Person 1: "So you're going to hook up with Sarah and Rachel tonight?"

Person 2: "I'm not just going to hook up with them, I'm gonna Bag Em' and Swag Em'"
by Bag Em' and Swag Em' June 07, 2011
to have sex with your girlfriend/boyfriend when one of the two wanted to stay abstinent until married (one can be abstinent because of religious reasons)
Person 1: "Why are you upset? Did something go wrong with Jenny?"

Person 2: "Yeah I committed a False Start when my parents wanted me to wait. I'm so screwed."
by Bag Em' and Swag Em' June 07, 2011

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