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2 definitions by Bae

A noble ganster who shoots unstabel niggers
I wanna be ryan!
Fuck you!
by Bae September 24, 2007
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Tiani; She is beautiful, athletic and has a personality that is outgoing and she keeps it real. She knows how to make you laugh all the time. Tiani has that ONE OF A KIND SMILE that is contagious and makes you smile every second you see her. She's got a VERY BIG BOOTY WITH A SMALL WAIST. Tiani's EYES are beautiful and change from green to blue and sometimes you can't even tell what color it is. Tiani's hair is LONG and CURLY with NATURAL streaks of GOLD. Known to be loud and funny. Stays loyal and true. Loved by many. Loves to have fun and pull pranks on friends. Tiani has JUICY lips. Doesn't fall hard for any man. Smart and clever. She is not easy. EVERY GUY LIKES HER. Once you have Tiani, you won't want anyone else.
1. Brah. Did you see Tiani today in those shorts??
2. DAYYYYUUMM, Tiani's lookin fine today, as usual.

3. Ayy bro she spoke to me and I'm tryna get to know her, she cool.
by BaE June 25, 2014
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