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Wang 'N Cheese
Male Genitalia
"Joe had a big bowl of cock nachos last night."
by Badong July 31, 2003
An aggressive type of panhandler who tries to 'politely' get your attention while refusing to be ignored. A scusemesir starts his pitch with the phrase "scusemesir?!" repeated louder and louder until you acknowledge him and/or he moves on to his next mark. Unfortunate souls who make eye contact and/or stop will be treated to one or more pre-fabricated sob stories designed to empty their pockets of change and/or small bills. The best (and really only) defense is to keep walking and pretend you're deaf.
Yesterday when I got off the subway I was dumb enough to make eye contact with a scusemesir. It cost me all my change from lunch to get the bastard to leave me alone. I gotta grow a thicker skin one of these days.
by badong May 05, 2014
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