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Ernesto "Che Guevara" was an upper class Argentine doctor turned Cuban revolutionary who took aim against imperialism in all of its forms during the middle of the 20th century.

He is highly honored due to his stand against imperialism and his constant struggle for liberation, and greatly hated due to his militant ways and his anti-capitalistic ways. His ideas and praise of Guerrilla warfare and adventurism also gain him praise.

The man was captured and executed in Bolivia by CIA trained Bolivian Green Berets in the late 60's, after a failed revolution attempt (Due to Bolivia's Pro-Soviet leader). Though the execution was kept quiet to keep the people from looking at the revolutionary as a martyr, they did anyway. His face and influence is now greater than ever; covering land had helped to free including the Congo, Cuba, and South America and even in the land of his enemies (USA).

Due to propaganda and false accusations, some believe Che was a Hitler-esque belligerent terrorist, however the man known for his caring ways towards the captured enemy and his hate for terrorism could not have been more different.

Like all, Ernesto Guevara had his faults, but is in no way similar to the way many make him out to be; for he was no Christ, nor the opposite, just a man who stood for something.
That boy is a radical Che Guevara adventurist-leftist
by Badmoon September 19, 2005
1. White Military Dickhead; A young, narcisstic caucasian male between the ages of 20 and 25 who uses his "service" in the military as an excuse the exemplify a superiority complex.
2. White Military Discriminate; A young, xenophobic white male who's excuse to join any military service is to kill Arabian, Islamic, Iraqi, and Afghani citizens, regardless of their role in the world; A closeted racist.
3. White Military Dipshit; A young, ignorant white male who feels that, due to "serving" in the military and "fighting" for the United States of America, that every individual around him should treat him like a hero or a king.
4. White Military Deliquent; A young white male who signed up for active military service because he is plays Call Of Duty, Gears Of Wars, and other Military-based video games.
"A girl I known is dating a WMD, who acts as if serving in the military justifies his anger towards everyone else."
by badmoon July 02, 2012
A city in North Carolina occupied by hipsters, feminists, and preppy 18 to 20-year-olds with tacky clothes, fake I.D.s and annoying/apathetic personalities. Senior citizens, country folk, military brats, city slickers and trolls are other individuals that personify the vibe of the city. The downtown area and the beaches is the only enjoyable sites of Wilmington; Everything else is a concrete jungle or a constructional eyesore. Many individuals in Wilmington will tell you that Wilmington is the Hollywood of the East Coast, a marketing tactic that shockingly works time and time again...the only movies shot in Wilmington with any cultural relevance are BLUE VELVET and THE CROW. Film students at UNC-Wilmington are full of themselves, and (figuratively speaking) like to jerk each other off. Wilmington is one of those cities that is as plastic as plastic gets. One of the whiter cities you'll ever live in.
Person#1: What was it like living in Wilmington?

Person #2: Like being fed prison food: cold and bitter.
by badmoon July 05, 2012

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