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patwa-basically a batiman is a homosexual. it is used a s a dis an tings like dat.
Batiman go suck yu moda...batiman doh touch me....
by Badman Ja May 13, 2006
Extremely large gang that oringinated in L.A. California. They rivals to the other main street gang in L.A. the bloods. Crips where blue bandanas around their mouth or in their left back pocket. They are known to where blue clothing and are an extrememly dangerous and highly respected gang! They use the word cuzz when addressing each other. They also have hand signs which they use to identify each other.

When writing they also tend to cross out 'b's in words annd replace them with 'c's(this tends to show disrespect).
Crips manly consist of blacks but in many prisons accross the United States white crips are appearing in ever greater numbers.
by Badman Ja May 13, 2006

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