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7 definitions by Badman

Word generated in Jamaica. A person who doesn't need to be in a crew or run with nobody. Handles business by himself or has people working for him. Deals with drugs, murder, or other forms of illegal money making. Someone needs to be killed they will be, woman, child, or even police.
Me is a real bloodclot Shotta.
by badman August 28, 2004
724 181
a manchester down-low word for weed(cannabis)
(in a pub)who we bellin for a denk?
by badman February 12, 2004
94 23
1. n. A wanker. (Reference to character played by Harrison Ford in George Lucas' original Star Wars trilogy.)
1. "Edna, don't go in there. Our boy's doing his Hand Solo impression."
by Badman April 14, 2005
24 15
1. n. Meat of a undefined sort, as often found in take-out meals.
1. I had a chacken burger for lunch and shat myself stupid for dinner.
by Badman April 14, 2005
7 1
high quality cannabis usually gets you stoned after 1 spliff
this is some chronic shit, itz the peng!
by badman February 12, 2004
69 73
a word that means all americans suck, especially the women who are experts at sucking
yo, american bitch, cum here 'n' suck my dick ya daft slag
by badman February 12, 2004
15 52
the act of ejaculaction
i tell a lie i did spaff on her tits
by badman April 03, 2003
83 272