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incoherrant idiot also known as the decider. only supported by equally idiotic citizens such as the author of the definition above this. bush went to yale, not harvard, and actually so did kerry. i think at least several people know where yale is.
i voted for george "w" bush because he went to harvard law school! plus jesus would have liked how he lied so that he could kill them iraquis! if only i could go to harvard. i guess ill have to send in 15 bucks for a degree from southern texas evangelical holly roller's university
by badfish May 24, 2006
The literal spelling of OMG... usually used when OMG just isn't good enough to stress something.
Oh Em Ge! the interweb is teh ghey
by Badfish May 14, 2003
sex that is so good you've gotten off before you have even started
as in a Prince song, Matt Damon and all of the band filter....because we all have a really dirty mind
by badfish May 09, 2003
Spawned from a message board misspelling and it has caught on from there.
That picture of Yuffie in her "Sexy" shorts is Comedy Glod!
by Badfish May 14, 2003

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