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Awake and with it
"I saw him this morning and he said `Wow you look as fresh as a fucking daisy!` (with mocking English accent)"

Gumball Jackass
by Badboy August 27, 2003
Talking the talk, much like chatting but more manly. The shit being the gossip.
We were just shooting the shit in Starbucks and he pulled out his gatt.
by Badboy October 30, 2003
Basketball played on the "street" courts with a liberal application of the rules, Keeping it real but with a few more body checks and bruises. Where the real game gets its inspiration and flare.
You and meet and a game o Street Ball punk, no refs and no crying.
by Badboy August 27, 2003
Upbeat exclamation of personal well being or good circumstance. As in the McDonalds advert featuring Justin Trousersnake.
"Hey how's that coctail?"
"Do do dum do do.... I'm loving it"
by Badboy October 30, 2003
Me, a person of deep myth and circumstance, whos name is associated with all that is wrong/evil but at the same time being celebrated for the ability to come out unscathed from it all.
None needed
by Badboy August 27, 2003
a cigarette containing canabis. e.g cigarweed, doobie, phat one
Morleys smokin chongas
by Badboy February 11, 2004

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