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Balless,soulless, spiritless little corporate bitch. His music was mediocre and banal, and it made a mockery of true rap music. He had no talent and yet he was a star. It just goes to show that the great musicians are left out and we are just left with complete shit.
Vanilla was a sucker of satan's cock, along with MC Hammer, Marky Mark, and New Kids On The Block.
by BadLieutenant August 11, 2004
The lowest group within urban society. Pests and annoyances. Townie males sport an up-turned baseball cap, and wear hoodies or baggy sports clothes, and usually have a shaven or short haircut. They can also be identified with large amounts of fake jewellery, Burberry clothing and poor linguistic ability. Townie females are generally mingers, with vast amounts of make-up, short sluttish clothing, loud, smokers and binge drinkers. They hang around local shops and/or bus shelters in large group numbers, and have a liking for garage, hardcore dance and hip-hop music as well as driving modified old cars (e.g. Vauxhall Novas). Townies are the main cause of social ills such as vandalism, petty theft and violent crime.
Townies contribute nothing to civilised society. They should not be here.
by BadLieutenant August 08, 2004
This is an insult used by fuckwits to demean intelligent people who are actually going to get somewhere in life instead of being a bum. such fucking idiots include townies, skanks and northerners.
Fuckwit: ''You're going to college? You boffin.''

Person who actually has integrity: '' Oh yeh i know, i'll just join you on the streets. FUCK OFF!''.
by BadLieutenant June 01, 2004
Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally on our planet. How can you make nature against the fucking law?
I think making nature against the law is slightly paranoid. It serves a thousand different functions all over the world, all of them positive, and it has never had any fatalities to account for. And no, pot does not make you unmotivated. Whilst high, you can do everyone that you would usually do, you just realise its not worth the effort.
'Sure, I could get up at dawn and go to a job that i hate and that does not inspire me creatively whatsoever for the rest of my fuckin life. 'Or i could get up at noon, and learn to play the sitar.'
by BadLieutenant August 12, 2004
Face-the part of the anatomy directly above your neck. Where your eyes, nose, and mouth are.

Face-(Chiefly British slang) One who is well known within criminal circles.
''You got some mustard on your face, mate''.

''Oh, i wouldn't give him any shit, mate, he's a proper face''.
by BadLieutenant August 12, 2004
A good nu-metal band who sing about how ugly the world is . Their masks and clothing are a symbol that represents their knowledge of how gruesome and horrifying life is when it all boils down to it. I would rather listen to Slipknot than all the superficial townie garbage that most kids listen to. That kind of music is unintelligable gibberish made by artists who frequently get into trouble for gun possession and assault. Slipknot is much better.
'Oh look at me, i'm a member of So Solid Crew, I got arrested for carrying an offensive weapon, i'm so proud
by BadLieutenant June 11, 2004
The intangible parent figure that is apparently there, and the one who inhibits the actions and decisions of billions of people worldwide. At least atheists have a mind of their own.
When your faith resides in God, your personal freedom is gone.
by BadLieutenant June 03, 2004
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