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no one on here so far has even mentioned billy joel's greatest ever song... All For Leyna. this is one of the greatest love songs ever made and many people can relate to the fact that he cares about absolutely fuck-all else when it comes to the girl he cares about. its a great song and its his best.
we didn't start the fire is excellent as well.
by BadLieutenant December 23, 2004
The best film of all time. Travis Bickle is the true definition of a hero.
He goes to a scummy brothel with his 44.magnum and blows away all the scum to save one little girl. Very admirable and a timeless classic.
Taxi Driver fucking rocks.
by BadLieutenant July 25, 2004
Fantastic musician who writes excellent songs and tops them off with a brilliant sound. His music is innovative and has a point to it, which is more than what can be said for the plastic, tasteless artists of today, e.g. Good Charlotte. He is just truly awesome.
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out, Born To Run, Born In The U.S.A, Thunder Road, She's The One. truly mesmerising stuff.
by BadLieutenant October 31, 2004
Indie rock band from Glasgow with a Northern Irish frontman.Excellent songs, great talent, a real euphoric sound.

'Spitting Games' and 'Run' are probably their best tracks.
Final Straw is a real good album.
by BadLieutenant September 11, 2004
Rock music is all played with real instruments. The musicians play from their hearts wildly. Rap music is only good if you like mediocrity and banality as a basis for music. It has the same message all the time: Hate, violence, drug crime, failed relationships. Its depressing and tedious. Drum & Bass is incoherent and completely free of appealing qualities.
A lot of rap and hip-hop is also computer-generated and uses a lot of synthesizers. the only band that used synthesizers and made it sound really good were The Who. Rock musicians really put the effort in and play with commitment.
to the user that said N'Sync was rock music, that is ridiculous to the point of beig offensive. N'Sync are an awful pop-poser group, and you let hip-hop and rap go to your head. Rock is about standing up to the establishment, so don't think you won't get comebacks to your stupid comments when you spread your fascist opinions like poison.
by BadLieutenant August 19, 2004
On 30th January 1972, a vast amount of Roman Catholics in Derry, Northern Ireland, demonstrated a Civil Rights march due to the fact the Catholics were being denied their human rights in most parts of Northern Ireland. The marchers were soon confronted by a blockade of heavily-armed British soldiers who refused to let them continue marching.Lets be realistic here, if you were firstly being denied your Civil Rights, and then prevented from continuing a peaceful march for your rights, you would be more than incensced. So the marchers began throwing sticks and bricks at the soldiers, who were armed with very lethal firearms. Why couldn't they just let them keep on marching? isn't it a bit fascist to deny someone the right to march in favour of their own rights? So then the troops, who knew full-well the effect of their weaponry, opened fire on the marchers, hitting 27 people and killing 13. The troops had lethal weaponry and protective gear on. And they murdered civilians with melee weapons, who were only trying to convince people that they were human beings with rights too.
Don't give me that 'paras are heros' crap. I am half-Irish and some of my family members died in that incident. The military are trained to handle situations professionally, and none of them were injured or killed on that day. Just goes to show that you can't start off something reasonable without some gung-ho arsehole angering you and breaching your rights.
by BadLieutenant September 01, 2004
All the morons on here like Psycho Bitch don't seem to realise that townies victimise those who don't share their Neanderthal way of life.They always bully metallers because of their musical taste and dress sense. For that person who said that moshers and skaters think they are better:Get your head out of your arse. They don't think they're better, they have just had enough of townie fuckwits picking on them, and so they should be. I can't stand all those stupid words like 'Blud', 'Innit' and 'Blingin'. Talking like some kind of rainforest ape. The girls dress like prostitutes and they act like them, and the males like their customers. They drive shit cars, drink horrible shit cider, flash their dicks at 70 year old women in the hope of pulling, and model themselves on gangsters and pimps (Who are low-life scum so its no surprise). I fucking hate townies and i pray to the gods that they have all been wiped out within the next few years
Yeh Blud, Innit Blud, I bang my 12 year old sister Blud, let me bum a tab off u (fucking wank stain).
by BadLieutenant July 25, 2004

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