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Strong coffee or any other caffeine based energy drink used for the sole purpose of staying awake and keeping up in a math class. Not to be confused with Hemingwagra which is what you take to keep up in an English class.
I'm failing this math class because it's so boring I keep falling asleep. I better get me some pi-agra.

"Adam, since you started taking pi-agra before math class, your dAngle is no longer in dysfunction."

Pi-agra allows me to concentrate in math class and keep it up for hours!

WARNING: If increased concentration is greater than or equal to the square root of 16 hours, please consult your instructor.
by Bad Kram February 07, 2010
When your alarm goes off in the morning and you say, "Fuck it! I'm staying in bed!"
After a night of partying, Kelly chose to fornimornicate and skip work.

Pete was fired from work since he practiced fornimornification too many times.
by Bad Kram February 07, 2010
Someone so stupid in school he or she dropped or flunked easy classes that were graded on a pass/fail basis.
What a pfidiot!

You failed gym class? You must be a complete pfidiot!
by Bad Kram February 07, 2010
CV- short for curriculum vitae

Means the same thing as resume, but you don't have to worry about those pesky accent marks.
Brekka: "I'm sending off my resume. Do I spell it with 1, 2, or no accent marks?"

Cindy: "Just write CV instead."

Brekka: "Good idea! Hmmmn... with or without periods?"
by Bad Kram February 10, 2010
Both the head of state and spiritual leader of Nashville, TN. Known for giant, humongous, freakishly large... hair.

Famous Quotes:

"Seek and ye shall find... but only in boxes of Breeze."

"I'm all for peace and harmony, as long as I get to sing lead."
I saw the Dolly Lama on a mountain top... at Dolly-ville!!!

I follow the Dolly Lama. I am religious and enjoy country music.
by Bad Kram February 07, 2010

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