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(n., orig. astrogynecology) Used to describe an invented compound word, derived of two completely unrelated words, which has no apparent meaning. Once such a word receives an appropriate meaning, it is no longer considered an astrogyny.
Hydropenis is an astrogyny.
Skyscraper is not an astrogyny.
Dumbass is no longer an astrogyny.
by Bad Chicken September 28, 2007
(n., orig. astrogynecologism) The inclination towards inventing astrogynies (pl. of astrogyny).
"My banana-scissors can cut through uberpaper!"
"Stop this astrogynism."
by Bad Chicken September 28, 2007
(n., orig. astrogynecologist) Someone who frequently uses astrogynies (pl. of astrogyny).
"I'm going to ride my gerbilcopter!"
"Stop calling your car like that, you astrogynist."
by Bad Chicken September 28, 2007
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