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2 definitions by Bad Boi

a people in central asia. afghanistan is known as the heart of asia, as its right in the middle. They are not persians as some percive. persians are iranians, and dont compare to afghans.

Afghan as someone stated is a form of cannabis that is so fucking strong its unbelievable. its not as strong as purple shit, but it fucking does its job
"afghansitan produces 90% of the worlds opium, and 68% of the worlds cannabis"

"hehehe im afghan"

"i have no fucking idea what this is but i know its some good afghan shit!!!"
by Bad Boi August 08, 2005
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a clearly low budget movie made by the guys who made Shrek. i saw it yesterday, and must say that its the biggest load of shit ive ever watched. very shitty story line.
"i saw madagascar. i wanted to punch the director of this movie in the face"- quote from someone who saw the premire of the film.
by Bad Boi August 08, 2005
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