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A northern Virginia suburb of Washington DC where mixtures of white, upper class, families, live among the lower and less fortunate families, thus forming a perfect environment for raising kids and selling crack.
Yo homie you wanna hop in my dads escalade and get a dime bag in downtown Centreville after football practice?
by Bad Bad Leroy Brown October 13, 2004
A thick, soup like excrement mixture, that sprays forth from the anus without warning, and may result in mud butt if not taken care of immediately.
sally: "so what would you like for dinner Indian food or Mexican"

jack: "golly if those are my only choices, where every we end up eating I will be serving up a hot steamy bowl of poop soup when we get home"
by Bad Bad Leroy Brown October 14, 2004
A suburb or Washington DC know for its high crime rate and mob mentality, also referred to as Centreville
yo homie you see the shoot out in C ville last night?
by Bad Bad Leroy Brown October 13, 2004
Childish, prone to burst of annoying babbling.
Stop acting waltish! I swear if you don't shut up and stop thrusting my chair I'm going to whoop your ass.
by Bad Bad Leroy Brown March 01, 2005

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