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4 definitions by Baczkowski

When someone, usually a lesbian, puts a strap-on around her head and then proceeds to fuck a woman by nodding her head
I love to have babies unicorn nod me in the ass
by Baczkowski March 09, 2003
10 2
When you're masterbating while watching T.V., and a commercial comes on with babies!
Last night I had a limpfant, and boy was it amazing, it got me off sooooo good
by Baczkowski March 11, 2003
1 4
Another name for a penis, said by marissa thome in the film four rooms
Tickling a baby's rumple foreskin will keep me aroused forever
by Baczkowski March 09, 2003
13 29
When a woman licks shitty nuts that just came getting fucked in her loose rectum(anus, prostate, butthole, poopipe, asshole)
Wow! Whoppers is the original malted milk balls!
by BACZKOWSKI May 28, 2003
1 19