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Quite literally, a squid wrapped in a blanket.
Who left this squid in a blanket in my dorm?
#squid #blanket #squid in a blanket #squid in a dorm #dorm
by Bacon Steve July 04, 2006
To behave in combat the way a sofa would.
I will employ my sofa tactics as necessary.
#sofa #tactics #sofa tactics #stealth #combat
by Bacon Steve July 04, 2006
A gambridge is the act of using massive amounts of noodles in such a physically violent way that it causes another person to halt his or her speech and/or action. A gambridge is usually intentional.
Robert went off about the ridiculous price of the dry-cleaners when he was gambridged by Louis IV!
#gambridge #hostility #unitarianism #sausage #mint
by Bacon Steve September 21, 2006
To be in a state of sleep or slumber, and then awakened by being struck with hard boiled eggs in a pelting manner.
Yo last night we hit up Jim with a hard-boiled surprise.
#eggs #hard-boiled #surprise #hard-boiled eggs #eggs surprise
by Bacon Steve July 04, 2006
A crouton is a vile and agressive action. Meant as an insult or challenge, an attacker removes of of his victims incisors, seasons it, and replaces it in the mouth of his victim. This will usually frustrate the victim to a high degree.
While travelling to Florida, Dave met a punk on the airplane and was forced to crouton the poor guy.
#crouton #insult #salad #currency #insinuate
by Bacon Steve September 21, 2006
To go on a blind date only to find that your date resembles a stork.
Man, Brian hooked me up with this girl and she was a total stork! *stork date
#stork #date #blind #blind date #stork date
by Bacon Steve July 04, 2006
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