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1. The legendary bong, the challenger is 3 ft high with a 6 inch diameter chamber, that reduces down to 3 in., the challenger has a large tube to allow the person hitting it to sit down, it is a two person operation due to the sheer size. The size of the bong makes it a perfect party bong, along with the tube to allow multiple people to hit it before the chamber is even cleared. The Challenger gets it's name from the rocket ship that exploded in 1986 during launch, because its resemblance to it, and because the amount of smoke it allows produced is rival, to scale, of the amount that would be produced if a rocket was lifting off. The Challenger is not to be used by beginners, as they may end up far too high to function. It is best when coupled with alcohol.
1. Dude did you see Rob hit the challenger yesterday? TOTALLY EPIC!
Yea after one hit we were all toast!
by Backkkup June 28, 2007
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