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"Fuggle" is a combination of the hot dog breed puggle and the imitation of the Ugg, also known as the Fugg. A puggle, which is a fashionable dog breed of the rich and wealthy, is a combination of the beagle and the pug. The Ugg sensation leads a trail of faux Uggs, also known as Fuggs. A puggle that wears dog Fuggs is called a Fuggle. Fuggles are shunned by the snobby because they claim rich people should be able to purchase real Uggs, not faux imitations.
In a conversation: "Look at Madame Holtz's Fuggle! You would think she would have enough money to buy her precious pooch some real shearling boots, but she just had to go for the faux."

In a text message: "dude, i saw ur fuggle 2day. i thought u bought him real uggs. whyd u get fake??"
by Bachimo Watercress December 28, 2009

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