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noh liay is just a ghetto way of saying no lie
whas gain on n that NOH LIAY

im kool fam NOH LIAY

oi i just won £100 init NOH LIAY!

im bored n that NOH LIAY, lets do sumin n that NOH LIAY
#noh liay #whas gain on #no lie #not lying #lie
by Bacardi Crew March 20, 2007
whas gain on is a ghetto way of saying whats up, whats going on ?
Whas gain on bruvvvvv,

nothing im cool fam

whas gain on n that noh liay
#noh liay #whas gain on #whats going on #whats good #ho sick
by Bacardi Crew March 23, 2007
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