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4 definitions by BabyTiffany

Nothing but bitches that get up two-faced, start hating, and all that stupid shit that they do so they can get on top of da social society! These fuckers would do anything to get to da top of da 'popular stats'!
Why you talking shit now huh? ..You used to be my home girl, now you just a social climber!
by BabyTiffany May 30, 2004
You know that cat 'Andre W. K'? ..yeah that guy who had that show on MTV about his rock group and shit that never hit it big. Lol yeah fo' sho! Well me and my cousins and my bro got our own lingo about this shit. 'Double U-K' straight up means 'Peace da fuck out nigs!' 'Nuff said :]
Yo im finna bounce now, double U-K!
by BabyTiffany May 30, 2004
^Your father.. my dad made that shit up! Lol exactly it's fucking hilarious because he got a bling'd necklace customed with 'You Pa' on it! hahahahahahahahaha =D
Aye where's you pa at?
by BabyTiffany May 30, 2004
Waddup? = Suda - Wuda Wonders
What is it? = " "
Oh really? = " "
Yo, suda - wuda wonders dawg?
by BabyTiffany May 30, 2004