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A mark made on a lark which shows not in the dark.
That tattoo is gonna haunt me for the rest of my life; then decorate my corpse after I'm gone.
by BabyTaylor March 26, 2008
Tree hugger who opposes the advancement of civilization, industry and business.
Environmentalists have prevented this country from producing oil in quantity to meet our needs. Thank an environmentalist for the price you pay at the pump for gasoline.
by BabyTaylor March 26, 2008
An eccentric Cohen Brothers film which has taken on a life of its own as a post-release cult classic film; still growing in popularity with each passing year.

Explanations or reviews are useless. "The Big Lebowski" must be viewed and experienced. Its offbeat energy and loose plot are an acquired taste. But the performances by the actors are outstanding. To fully grasp "The Big Lebowski" and its main character, The Dude, several viewings of this film are recommended
My crazy friend Lester said "The Big Lebowski" is the best movie he has ever seen. (I told him, "You're out of your element ... and you're about to enter a world of pain.")
by BabyTaylor March 21, 2008
Brilliant radio talk show host whose program is listened to by millions daily. A conservative, Limbaugh's talent, intelligence, and wit make him one of the most influential voices in Media today. An alternative to traditional media, Limbaugh regularly points out the folly of liberals and Democrats while pointing out the logic and benefits of Conservatism.
People think they know who Rush Limbaugh is until they actually listen to his program.
by BabyTaylor March 26, 2008
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