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4 definitions by BabyGurl

whats up or whats tha deal
"what it do? its paul wilken fly like a pelcan inside my skin i got versace skeleton" Paul Wall

mike:what it do
john:whats up
by babygurl October 20, 2003
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adj. - used to describe a something that is good enough to eat or indulge in.
Oh my look at the dude, he is scrumptious!

My mama's pound cake is scrumptious!
by Babygurl May 05, 2005
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A bottle of viagra kept in the nightstand to ensure success in the bedroom.
"Honey, thanks for the diamond earrings. Looks like were gonna need the Barn Key tonight."
by BabyGurl March 22, 2012
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pain is a weakness leaving your body!
man that girl has been through so much pain.
by babygurl March 23, 2005
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